Rukman Ragas (they/he) writes to you from Sri Lanka. They are a speculative and literary fiction writer whose work revolves around the themes of explore queerness, grief, storytelling and immigration under a postcolonial lens. You can find their stories in khōréō, Tasavvur, The Baltimore Review, and more. A complete list is available at rukmanragas.carrd.co

He made this substack on a whim, one late night, mostly because he wanted to pretend there’s an audience as he shouts out into the void. Come here for irregular ramblings about writing, random updates on what they’ve been up to, and most importantly, ardent recommendations of what they’ve enjoyed reading, listening and watching recently.

Important note from Rukman: not your "bro" or "man". I will eat you if you misgender me.

(Alt text: Me, South Asian brown masc person in a black T shirt against a grey background)

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Late night ramblings of Rukman Ragas